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Interview With The Guy Behind The Klips

By | June 10, 2005

In today’s Asian Wall Street Journal and in WSJ.com (subscription only, I’m afraid) I talk about widgets — sometimes called dashboards — as an alternative, or addition, to RSS. Here is the transcript of an email/IM interview I did with Allan Wille, president and CEO of Serence, the company behind Klips: The new Folio looks good. what’s the… Read More »

RSS, The NYT, And The Future

By | July 21, 2004

Continuing the theme of RSS, here’s a couple of tidbits: NYTimes.com has expanded its Really Simple Syndication offerings to 27 categories including new feeds such as Most E-mailed Articles, Multimedia and Week in Review. Mediathink, a ‘full service marketing firm’, has released a White Paper on entitled “RSS – The Next Big Thing Online.” The White Paper outlines… Read More »

A New Kind Of Klip

By | April 1, 2004

An alternative to RSS? Or an advance? Or can the two sit together? Canada’s Serence will today announce a new version of KlipFolio, which describes itself as a a ‘uniquely powerful and globally-adopted information awareness and notification platform’ but could probably be better termed a variation of RSS that uses a proprietary software and a slightly more modular… Read More »

RSS Moves Closer To The Mainstream

By | March 7, 2004

More evidence, if it were needed, that RSS is moving mainstream. eWeek reports that InfoSpace – who also own the dogpile, WebCrawler and metacrawler search sites — will add RSS feeds to the next release of its search toolbar. A setup feature called “Search Page” will scan an open Web page for RSS or Atom feeds, and then… Read More »