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The Escalating TrackBack Spam Wars

I’ve been noticing what I think is an upgrade in TrackBack Spam on my blog. Uusally they’re pretty easy to spot — a load of links spattered across some gibberish. But the ones I’ve received today seem to be better, like this one:


Looks innocent enough, right? Except the words are actually mine, from another, unrelated post, and the from link is a pharmaeceutical website. It’s the fourth trackback (update while writing this: sixth; update again, 13th) the site has sent me in the last hour, and each one is a little bit different, always using text from one of my postings. The revamped TypePad trackback notifications give one pause for thought, too: could it be legitimate? Like this one:

A new TrackBack has been submitted to your weblog “loose wire,” on the post “The U.S.’ Next Big Thing: SMS-TV.”

TrackBack from:

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From Post: http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/2068728
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Here you go. Here are some handy links for you to enjoy: 43FoldersWiki – A system that helps you be more productive. Also has also productivity related stuff A Directory of Programs designed for USB Thumbdrives Starting with CSS lifehacke…

Yes, these things are a pain, but you can’t help admiring the spammers’ inventiveness. TypePad, your turn in the TrackBack wars.