Flying Posteriors

  Discards Asses and Butts 
  Originally uploaded by Loose Wire.

Couldn’t resist this: my wife discovered cigarette ash was blowing in through her window so we asked the apartment super if he could do anything about it.

The result was this wonderful sign that has just gone up in our building:

“Do restrain from throwing your cigarette asses and butts out of your windows… Due to the wind, some of this cigarette asses and butts had got into the lower units.”

Flying posteriors. A hazard of living on the ground floor I hadn’t considered when we moved in.

The Power of Bus Uncle

Not a new story this, and you’ve probably heard it, but another case that highlights

  • the dangers of blowing your stack in public
  • the distributing power of the Internet, especially sites like YouTube
  • the global creativity of folk
  • that folk in Hong Kong are, er, sometimes more tense than people elsewhere.

The story is best told on EastSouthWestNorth, quoting the Apple Daily:

The incident occurred on the top deck of a Number 68X Kowloon bus on April 29. A young man observed that the middle-aged person in front of him was talking too loud on the mobile telephone. So he tapped the man’s shoulder and asked him to keep the volume down. This led to a vigorous response, including a string of obscenities. The entire proceedings were recorded by another passenger named John using a mobile camera phone. The film was uploaded on YouTube and then seen by the whole wide world. As of May 19, 1.2 million people have watched the video clip! (Update: 1.9 million as of May 26; ETTV cited a 5.9 million figure on May 27, which probably combines all the editions).