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News: Internet Gets Older, So To Speak

 The old ‘uns are getting online. Nielsen//NetRatings reports (PDF file) that senior citizens age 65 and older were the fastest growing age group online, surging 25 percent year over year in October 2003.
Nielsen//NetRatings also found that in addition to outpacing senior males in audience growth, the rise in usage by female seniors was greater than the increase in usage by senior males, if you get my drift. “As a whole, the Internet audience is continuing to become more representative of the general population,” said Greg Bloom, senior Internet analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings.

News: Confusion

 I kinda liked this correction from online survey/ratings firm Nielsen//NetRatings:
In today’s report from Nielsen//NetRatings, we inaccurately reported the brand Blunt Truth as an educational resource for marijuana. Blunt Truth is an online game site and is the second most popular site for teens aged 12-17. We apologize for this inaccuracy and any confusion this may have caused.
No wonder kids these days are so confused.