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Deja Vu or New Dawn? Microsoft’s Acquisition Binge

I’m not quite sure what to make of these acquisitions. It reminds me of Yahoo’s binge 10 years ago: After del.icio.us, a Directory of Other Things Yahoo! Should Buy. They snagged up a lot of my favourite stuff back then, and … Continue reading

03. June 2015 by jeremy
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Microsoft’s Naked PC problem

This is a piece that I wrote with Gerry Shih in Beijing about Microsoft’s challenges in emerging markets beyond the recent raids. ‘Naked PCs’ lay bare Microsoft’s emerging markets problem BY JEREMY WAGSTAFF AND GERRY SHIH Sun Aug 10, 2014 … Continue reading

12. August 2014 by jeremy
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Software as Silo

Software is a funny thing. How important is it? Apple has just announced it’s giving most of its away for free — effectively costing it some $900 million in the short term. Samsung has just convened its first developer conference … Continue reading

29. October 2013 by jeremy
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Asha to Ashes: Microsoft’s Emerging Markets Conundrum

A piece I wrote with Devi in Delhi, and the help of a couple of other colleagues.  Asha to Ashes: Microsoft’s emerging market conundrum By Jeremy Wagstaff and Devidutta Tripathy SINGAPORE/NEW DELHI | Thu Sep 5, 2013 9:22pm EDT (Reuters) … Continue reading

07. September 2013 by jeremy
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Here’s a piece I wrote for the BBC which went out today. (They often air some time after I’ve recorded them.)  It’s very hard to be in the technology business these days because you don’t know when someone is going … Continue reading

18. October 2012 by jeremy
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The Browser Doesn’t Matter So Long As It Goes to Google

The whole Google/Firefox issue is an interesting one: Google is the default search engine in Firefox because it pays to be there. The three-year deal expired in November 2011. Would they renew? Some thought no. They were wrong. Not only … Continue reading

25. December 2011 by jeremy
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Quaintness in Salt Lake

(This is the script for a piece I did for the BBC World Service. Posted here by request. Podcast here.) Something rather quaint is going on in a Salt Lake City courtroom. A company called Novell, who you’d be forgiven … Continue reading

27. November 2011 by jeremy
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Encarta’s Passing: Harbinger of Redmond Doom?

Microsoft has announced that Encarta, its digital encyclopedia, will be dead by year’s end. First off, hands up who thought it had died long ago? Secondly, and before we get on to the whole Wikipedia thing, I’d like to make … Continue reading

01. April 2009 by jeremy
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The Limits of the Cloud

Microsoft’s FolderShare, a folder synchronizing tool that I’ve recommended in previous columns, is going off the air for up to three days in the middle of the week “for server upgrades”: FolderShare will be offline for a little while (48-72 … Continue reading

17. June 2008 by jeremy
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Lame PR Responses #34,223(b)

When independent blogger Mary Jo Foley, who knows more about Microsoft than Microsoft does, interviewed the company’s new Corporate VP of its Searching and Advertising Group recently, she was told that Microsoft had recently launched an ad-funded version of Microsoft Works, the application … Continue reading

02. August 2007 by jeremy
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