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News: How Healthy Are Cellphones?

By | November 19, 2003

 Good article on the health effects of using cellphones. The Sun Sentinel says the U.S. is preparing to launch an investigation into the matter, and quotes Gary Brown, an adjunct professor in technologies at Nova Southeastern University, as saying people don’t realize the issue of cell phone safety has not been settled. “The industry says there’s no problem… Read More »

Software: Calypso becomes Courier

By | July 7, 2003

   I’ve been a huge fan of Calypso, an email program that’s simple, highly fiddle-able, and small. Unfortunately its producers, MCS of Dallas, dropped it a few years back leaving a lot of users in the lurch. I’m still using it, however, despite its quirks under Windows XP, and am very glad to see that another company, Rose City… Read More »