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CNET Gets Newsmaps

By | December 2, 2005

Without wanting to sound pompous, CNET may have taken my advice. A few months back (May 13, 2005) I wrote in a WSJ.com column (subscription only; non-subscribers will have to take my word for it or check out News Visualization posts in Loose Wire’s Design & Innovation section) that to me it’s slightly daft that most news Web… Read More »

On News Visualization, Part III

By | May 12, 2005

This week’s Loose Wire column in WSJ is about visualizing news. Researching the column I had a chance to interview Marcos Weskamp, the guy behind the very cool newsmap, who is setting up a studio specializing in interface design and information visualization for the web called B2 inc (no website available yet). Here’s an edited transcript of our… Read More »

Mapping The News

By | April 4, 2004

I’m a recent convert to treemaps — a way of presenting information in block form, where the block denote areas of information which can then be drilled through to reach the underlying text, pictures or whatever. It’s best explained by seeing an example. Anyway, here’s a great example of a treemap, applied to news (thanks Marc’s Outlook on… Read More »