Jack’s Hit: Apple’s Missing Socket

There’s been a lot of talk about the removal of the iPhone’s audio jack, most of it knee-jerk, albeit sometimes amusing. A sampling:  Apple Plug Fill in your archaic headphone connector with beautiful aluminium and plug yourself into the future. Apple just demonstrated why people hate the tech industry Link bait, but does quote some experts as …

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Innovative Complacency or the Wisdom of the Deceived?

  This is where I see a real problem for developed Asia: a complacency and disinterest in the role of technology and innovation. Or is it the clarity of vision from too much innovation? In a survey conducted by IDC on behalf of Avaya (no link available, you need to sign up to get a …

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BBC: Cluetraining Disruption

Has technology, convinced of its own rectitude, lost its sense of moral direction?  Disruptive innovation is one of those terms that worms its way into our vocabulary, a bit like built-in obsolescence or upselling. It’s become the mantra of the tech world, awhich sees its author Clayton Christensen, as a sort of messiah of the changes …

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Looking for Inventors

I’m looking for inventors who want me to try out their stuff. It doesn’t have to be in the shops yet, but it has to be something I can actually use. If it’s an interesting enough invention I’ll write about it. Write to me at invent (at) jeremywagstaff.com; no NDAs to sign please.