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Bloglines Goes International

The folks at Bloglines, a very popular web-based RSS reader and publisher, will today launch an international version with support for six languages, which they hope “may mark a shift in the expansion of blog/RSS reach and usage, heading down the global internet service road paved by eBay and Amazon, etc.”

The new internationalized web site, due to go live later today, offers the service in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Bloglines reckons it “is the first RSS service to embrace consumers in multiple languages”. The internationalization includes the home page, navigation screens, and all the help menus and user tips.

Is Sauce Reader The One?

Further to my posting about searching for the perfect newsreader for RSS feeds, a lot of folk have pointed to the web-based Bloglines. It’s not bad, not bad at all, but I am not on a particularly reliable Internet connection so it is a tad too slow for me.

Nathan of Australian software company Synop, meanwhile, has quietly mentioned their own Sauce Reader, which I have to say on initial impressions looks like an excellent candidate. Indeed, this posting is being composed with it, so why not check it out yourself: Sauce Reader v1.6 is now available for download.

More as I get to play around with it some more, and chat to the creators.

News: Jeeves, Where Can I Buy Some Plus-Fours?

 Here’s a new way of finding what you want to buy: Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves started out as a place you could ask normal questions (‘How long is a piece of string?’) and get answers that closely match your question, culled from the web (‘Want to buy a G-string?’). At least that’s been my experience. Still, it’s sometimes useful. Now, its new Smart Product Search feature, Reuters reports, will help consumers find, price and compare products on the Web.
Smart Search results already cover most consumer electronics, including cameras, computers, MP3 players and video games. In coming weeks, consumers will also be able to see Smart Search results for additional categories, including home and garden, apparel and children’s products.