Asia’s WSJ Takes On New Format

As most of you who follow this kind of thing, the overseas editions of the Wall Street Journal are switching to a new format. This includes The Asian Wall Street Journal, my immediate paymaster and primary home to the Loose Wire column. More news as I hear it.

Loose Wires

Just a note to subscribers who have been asking why some of the recent columns haven’t showed up on my corner of The problem is now fixed, and you can see them here:

Apologies for the delay. There won’t be a column this week because of the holiday season, but I’ll still be adding bits and pieces to this blog. I’ve also recorded some more editions of Loose Wire for the BBC World Service’s World Business Report, which will appear on Fridays on the radio, or via the World Business Report link on this page.

Have a happy holiday, everyone.

Note for Wall Street Journal Europe Readers

For those readers of The Wall Street Journal Europe: I’m afraid the column is no longer running in the WSJE because of a policy of standardizing some pages so they mirror the U.S. edition. For those readers of the column there, I’m sorry. I enjoyed receiving emails from readers in Europe and had hoped to earn the column a reprieve.

My column will still be available at The Wall Street Journal Online and the Far Eastern Economic Review (both require subscription). And of course, this blog will still offer up a daily dose of stuff. So please keep reading, and keep writing in.