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How to Give Visitors Your Location

However good your directions may be, there’s nothing like a map to show people where you are. But it’s fiddly, and usually they’ve already left home by the time they realise they don’t actually know where you live. Here’s a great and simple way to include a map of your location with your directions and address, in the form of a simple link which can be emailed, sent by instant message or SMS. The resulting page looks good online and in a phone browser. Go to and type in the name you want to have as your address —, for example: If it’sContinue readingHow to Give Visitors Your Location

Google Maps and Rising Sea Levels

Is Google Maps getting radical? Switch into terrain mode and you can see what the future is going to be like. The screenshot above shows the northeast tip of Singapore, much of it underwater. This is what it looks like in Map mode: No doubt a glitch that is soon to be fixed, but a) I’m not quite clear what the glitch is. Old elevation data? and b) you can’t help feeling it would be a great feature to have a “10 years’ time” button to see whether you should be thinking about selling up and moving to higher ground. Especially if you live inContinue readingGoogle Maps and Rising Sea Levels

Google’s New Interface: The Earth

I’ve written before about how I think Google Earth, or something like it, will become a new form of interface — not just for looking for places and routes, but any kind of information. Some people call it the geo-web, but it’s actually bigger than that. Something like Google Earth will become an environment in its own right. I can imagine people using it to slice and dice company data, set up meetings, organize social networks. Google is busy marching in this direction, and their newest offering is a great example of this: Google Book Search. This from Brandon Badger, product manager at Google Earth:Continue readingGoogle’s New Interface: The Earth

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