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Evernote Makes Employee Reading of Messages Opt-in

Evernote has been through the wringer with its decision to add machine learning to its repertoire, effectively trying to pave the way to added services based on scanning the contents of users’ notes. Users were not happy, not least because … Continue reading

16. December 2016 by jeremy
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Apple Takes on Evernote?

Apple’s update to OSX allows users to import Evernote notes into Notes (if you see what I mean) painlessly and effectively: Import your notes and files to the Notes app. As far as I know, this is the first time an … Continue reading

31. March 2016 by jeremy
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Sharing on Evernote

Despite some competition, Evernote still owns the space where we save stuff we might need for ourselves. But is it up to the task of our increasingly collaborative world? I’ve gotten a bit confused about what can and can’t be … Continue reading

30. March 2011 by jeremy
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The Lost Art of Clipping

(This is a copy of my Loose Wire Sevice column, produced for newspapers and other print publications.) By Jeremy Wagstaff One of the lingering peculiarities of the web is that it’s not easy to save any of it. This is … Continue reading

18. May 2010 by jeremy
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Software, Slowly, Gets Better

Is it just me, or are software developers beginning to get their users? For a long time I’ve felt the only real innovation in software has been in online applications, Web 2.0 non-apps—simple services that exist in your browser—but now … Continue reading

10. November 2008 by jeremy
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An Answer to Our Scanning Prayers?

  I’m always amazed at how weak the market for scanners is. The devices aren’t always that good, and the software that accompanies them is generally speaking pretty awful. Those that were once good, like PaperMaster, are now dead. So … Continue reading

26. September 2008 by jeremy
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Evernote’s Smart New Look

I like Evernote but I’ve always found the notes a bit messy: different fonts, lots of weird formatting, and not particularly easy to read and scan through. That seems to have changed with their latest version, where the notes are … Continue reading

10. July 2008 by jeremy
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Some Tools for the Productive

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m a big fan of tools that help sort through your stuff, or at least help you keep it orderly. TiddlyWiki is one of them, but it’s often just sat on the wrong … Continue reading

05. February 2007 by jeremy
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Directory Of Clipping Savers

Update Nov 7 2006: A new kid on the block for Firefox 2.0 users: Zotero. (Thanks, Charles) I recently wrote in WSJ.com (subscription required) about how to save snippets of information while you’re browsing. I didn’t have space to mention … Continue reading

30. January 2006 by jeremy
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A New Way To Grab Stuff

The folks at EverNote tell me that version 1.0 for Windows is officially launched today: As you may recall, EverNote lets you place all of your notes and content (web clips, images, text, passwords, to dos, etc.) on an endless, … Continue reading

22. June 2005 by jeremy
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