Skipping The Trailers On A DVD

Does anyone know how to skip the trailers on DVDs? I’ve just sat through nearly 10 minutes of promotions — ‘For the first time ever on DVD’ — for six shows from MacGyver to Happy Days on a DVD of Frasier. What makes the folks at Paramount think they can force me to sit through this promotional dross, having just shelled out nearly $50? And these people get upset when folk buy pirate DVDs. Buying tapes was easier than this: just hit the fast forward button.

Anyway, there must be a way of hacking past this rubbish. Anyone know of any, on a computer or otherwise? (No, you can’t just fast forward, skip chapter or even go to the root menu, as these buttons won’t work while the trailers are playing.)

Oh and I’m going to complain to Paramount, a Viacom Company. How dare they make me fork out money and then sit through so much stuff it’s nearly my bedtime already. My plan is to charge them for the time I had to watch the trailers as their ‘entertainment consultant’ since they made no mention of the fact on the cover of the DVD that I would have no choice in the matter. I reckon 7.5 minutes at $450 per hour works out at pretty close to what I paid for the DVD.