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More Things To Stuff In Your USB Port

Another visit to the  Hong Kong electronics expo thing. It really is big. I don’t think I’ve covered a third of it and I’m exhausted. Anyway, clearly I had no idea what I was talking about when I listed some gadgets you can plug into your USB port. There’s more. The thing this year seems to be to mix n match a USB dongle. One USB drive, for example, also sports Wi-Fi. Another is also a Bluetooth dongle. Then there are the whacky things that just make the most of being a) powered by the computer and/or b) connected to the computer. Shenzhen-based 6dragon TechnologyContinue readingMore Things To Stuff In Your USB Port

Expos And Business Cards

Just dropped in on the HUGE Hong Kong electronics expo thing. God is it big. Don’t even think about going round in an hour or two. It’s going to take me days to get round. The thing that amuses me about these things is the whole Namecard Exchanging Thang. You’d have thought by now buyers, sellers, exhibitors and organisers would have come up with some better way of exchanging names and addresses, given everyone is busy buying and selling gadgets from USB-powered foot-baths to roll-up pianos. But no: Everyone you talk to wants your business card, and if you don’t have one (well, I doContinue readingExpos And Business Cards

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