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Seasons’ PR Greetings

By | December 15, 2006

It’s that time of year: Lots of Christmas greetings messages from PR folk. I don’t want to sound like Scrooge, but I’m never quite clear why they bother with these things. Nokia sent me a link to a flash message with lots of phones doing stuff and thanks for “my continued support for Nokia”. A nice sentiment, though… Read More »

How To Plug PR Black Holes, Or Steal A Rival’s Customers

By | October 22, 2005

Why have I become a Nokia Care Center? Because I wrote a nasty blog post about them a year ago, that’s why. In October 2004 I was not happy with the response of my local Nokia centre, which seemed very cavalier and, well, careless about the data saved on a customer’s phone. Basically, there was no straightforward way… Read More »

Update: Nokia Batteries Safe Shock

By | November 18, 2003

 Nokia, hit by a recent spate of reports, from Vietnam to the Netherlands, of its batteries overheating and catching fire or exploding, says a follow-up test by a Belgian consumer watchdog had shown its own-made batteries were safe for use, Reuters reports.   Nokia said in a statement a new test by Test-Aankoop, conducted on November 17, showed… Read More »

Update: More On Those Exploding Batteries

By | November 14, 2003

 Seems that Nokia may have been right about those exploding batteries being fakes. The Register reports that the Belgian consumer organisation which last week claimed that three Nokia batteries were unprotected against short-circuiting is to re-examine its findings. It seems that Test-Aankoop may well have been hoodwinked and tested fake Nokia batteries instead of the real thing.  … Read More »

Update: Nokia Not In The Clear Over Exploding Phones

By | November 10, 2003

 A Belgian consumer watchdog reckons Nokia’s claims that exploding batteries in their phones — more than 20 cases this year, according to Nokia — are non-original replacements is not necessarily true. Test-Aankoop, The Register says, claims that some Nokia batteries are also unprotected against short-circuiting.   Rubbish, says Nokia. But then it would. Related Posts:Update: More On Those… Read More »