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From Cubicle Slave to Mobile Slave

I kinda liked the irony in this, but at the same time realised it illustrates the sad fact that many of us are slaves to the office even when we’re not there. Reuters’ website reports that the UK’s Trades Union Congress has launched “where workers can take a quiz to diagnose themselves as a “desk junkie”, “stay late sheep” or one of five other types of overworker.” The idea, of course is to get people to work their proper hours and then go and have a life. While the Reuters photo on the left certainly captures the grimness of cubicle life, the accompanying “5Continue readingFrom Cubicle Slave to Mobile Slave

Giving Your Email Address Out By Phone

I don’t like working in the office. I’m there now, trying to do a column, and all I get is lots of people yelling on the phone, in their cubicles, in my cubicle. I can’t believe that once I used to write stories in an open-plan newsroom. I suppose it’s a skill worth working on, but when I’ve got a great set-up at home (or even in the hotel, where I’m esconced at the moment), why should I give that up? Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. I overheard one colleague trying to converse with someone on a bad line (she should haveContinue readingGiving Your Email Address Out By Phone

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