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How to Flatter 100 Bloggers

By | July 21, 2007

Do portraits of them as ASCII art. Amit Agarwal, an India-based blogger of impeccable test and refinement, does some very cool pictures of 100 bloggers. Including that picture of me looking smarmy in the middle of the kampung: ASCII Art: Colored Text Paintings of Your Favorite Bloggers – Digital Inspiration Related Posts:Skype’s 100 Million: Where The Hell Are… Read More »

Why Real Player Is Really, Really Unpleasant

By | March 9, 2004

Interesting post, and subsequent discussion, at Tomas Jogin’s blog, on the Real Player — which does streaming audio and video, and was once the bee’s knees. Now it ain’t so, mainly because of its very invasive way of installing itself on your computer, and then being very, very hard to get rid of. I’ve hated the way it… Read More »