The Perils Of Anti-Spyware

Further to an earlier post about whether you could trust a software provider enough to buy anti-keylogging and anti-spyware programs from them if they also sold spyware and keyloggers, here’s an interesting list from Spyware Warrior: programs that claim to be spyware removers but in fact install spyware.

Most of these have a commercial bent, but it’s not too far-fetched to wonder whether such programs could not become the vehicles of choice for folk with more criminal intent, stealing passwords or other personal data from your computer. Indeed, according to this posting, expired website domains of legitimate anti-spy software are sometimes taken over and then used to pedal spyware or dialers (programs that make your computer phone overseas to expensive services).

The bottom line: Be very careful what programs you install on your computer. And nowadays that doesn’t just mean dodgy ‘free’ programs, but even programs that claim to do serious things, like remove spyware. If in doubt, check the company’s homepage, then their Registration information, and then do a Google search of the software’s name to see whether other folk are complaining about it. Then decide whether you want to install it.