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The Commuter Factor

Watching the commuters of Beijing and Hong Kong brings home how usage of the cellphone is dictated by circumstance – in this case about how you get to work. This may be something that has been studied at length, but reading discussions about the difference in adoption rates and usage among countries and regions, to me it’s comes down largely to environment, once issues such as income etc are taken into account. Chinese, Singapore, Hong Kongese, Japanese, Korean commuters spend a good portion of their commute in air conditioned buses, trains and subeway cars — the perfect environment for cellphone features such as SMS, browsing,Continue readingThe Commuter Factor

Turning Back the Telecommuting Tide

Good piece in the on HP’s decision to cut back on telecommuting: “HP believes bringing its information-technology employees together in the office will make them swifter and smarter. The decision shocked HP employees and surprised human resource management experts, who believe telecommuting is still a growing trend.” Speaking as a telecommuter still in his morning sarong, I’m disappointed. But from a manager’s point of view I can understand. Telecommuting inhibits the natural transfer of skills and experience from the old timers to the newbies: The piece quotes the architect of the HP division’s change, Randy Mott, as saying that by bringing IT employees togetherContinue readingTurning Back the Telecommuting Tide

How To Persuade Your Boss To Let You Telecommute

This week in the AWSJ (subscription only, I’m afraid) I talk about telecommuting. Had a chance to talk to lots of folk about it, but sadly there wasn’t room for everything in there. Here’s some stuff we couldn’t fit in, but which is worth passing on. I asked Minda Zetlin, author of Telecommuting for Dummies, to suggest some ways to persuade your boss to let you telecommute, as well as some of the pitfalls telecommuters experience: No surprise that the toughest part of telecommuting for most people is persuading their managers to let them do it. If you think about it from their point ofContinue readingHow To Persuade Your Boss To Let You Telecommute

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