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News: Psst! Wanna Buy Some Fake Bluetooth Gear?

 Apparently one of the reasons your Bluetooth gadgets won’t work well with each other is that they might be fake. Bizarre? Yes! True. Possibly. According to NewsWireless, over 50% of Bluetooth equipment on sale in the UK is counterfeit, according to a survey. And that figure is set to rise. The group that sets Bluetooth standards says that by year end, as little as 15% of the “Bluetooth” equipment on sale in retail outlets may be genuine.     So who would fake Bluetooth? Counterfeiters, apparently, who are trying to flood the market with fakes for the end-of-year boom expected in hands-free Bluetooth gear, whichContinue readingNews: Psst! Wanna Buy Some Fake Bluetooth Gear?

Column: Blue in the teeth

Loose Wire — Bluetooth’s Teething Problems   For a hugely promising technology that’s supposed to let gadgets lose their cables, Bluetooth seems more effective right now at causing sleep, weight and sense-of-humour loss   By Jeremy Wagstaff from the 27 February 2003 edition of the Far Eastern Economic Review, (c) 2003, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.  It’s not easy to tell someone who’s been working on the same thing for more than five years that you think his or her product doesn’t shape up. But Anders Edlund, marketing director for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, took it on the chin when I told him thatContinue readingColumn: Blue in the teeth

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