Clusty’s New Firefox Toolbar

Clusty, the new search engine from Vivisimo, has launched a new toolbar for Mozilla’s Firefox.

What I like about it is the ClustyClip feature that allows you to right-click on a word and open a matching dictionary or Wikipedia entry in a small pop-up window. Doesn’t always seem to work but it’s neat anyway.

An Internet Explorer version of the Clusty toolbar already exists. Firefox of course also offers a range of toolbar extensions that do quite similar things, including the Googlebar (not developed by Google).

Dogpile’s RSS Toolbar Is Now Out

The guys at InfoSpace tell me their Dogpile toolbar, mentioned a few weeks back, is now out.

It will search the web, search white/yellow pages, block pop-ups (who doesn’t, these days?), run a customized ticker (which includes RSS feeds), and let you search for stuff just by right clicking your mouse. Needless to say, it requires Internet Explorer.

This is what they say about it:

The new Dogpile toolbar includes a scrolling content ticker that puts RSS and Atom headlines right into your Web browser.This allows you to continually monitor the latest from your favorite sources whenever you’re on the Web. You can also turn off the ticker and view content feeds from the “My Content” button located on the toolbar.When you click on the “My Content” button, an expandable menu drops down to display all your feeds and headlines.

The new Dogpile Toolbar also makes syndicated XML content more accessible for mainstream Web users by simplifying the location and accessing of  feeds. Using the automated content scanner, new feeds can be added to the toolbar in two simple steps.Users simply visit a Web site and select “Add Content” from a drop down menu located on the toolbar to view a list of available feeds from that site.To add feeds, users select any number from those available and add them with the click of a button.

Sounds like it’s well worth checking out.