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Keeping Friends As Avatars


I like this approach to trying to turn buddy lists, address books etc into more dynamic, personal representations: Social Fabric ~ Thesis 2005 (via Infosthetics)

The Social Fabric is a representation of your social world, displayed as a single visual array on your mobile phone. It does not replace your address book or calendar but keeps you subtly informed about which relationships are prospering, which you have neglected, and the overall state of your social fabric.


On News Visualization, Part I

This week’s column in The Asian Wall Street Journal’s Personal Journal (and online at WSJ.com, subscription only) is about visualizing the news:

To me it’s slightly daft that most news Web sites stick to an online format that someone wandering in from the mid-seventeenth century would recognize. Newspapers haven’t changed an awful lot in layout since they first appeared. There’s good reason for this. But why has the Internet, with all its interactive links, clicking, visuals, sounds and promise of customizing to the individual’s needs, not thrown out the newspaper model – headline, pictures, text — in favor of something better?

Beyond the services mentioned in the text, readers might want to explore some other Web sites that visualize data in different ways:

Meanwhile, as mentioned in the column, there’s a great Web site called information aesthetics which lists a lot of these and similar projects. Anything I’ve missed, please do let me know; I do remember quite a few efforts a few years back, but none of them seem to be active, or offer a public version, anymore.