• Opentracker, the bittorrent tracker used by Pirate Bay also introduces random IP addresses so that the only way to check if someone is seeding copyrighted material is to connect to a peer and try to download part of the file… which may or may not be illegal in your country 🙂

    In Indonesia, even if I pay to see a movie at the cinema or buy an original I still have to download the pirated version to get the uncensored version.

    The other day I went to see a movie. Reviews said “too much violence and sex”… there was not much content left to watch. I left the theather and downloaded a screener.

    Back when I lived in France, I used to buy a lot of original games to play online but I still had to download the pirate copy. I couldn’t stand the dubbed french voices. Also note that french copyright law authorizes people to own a backup copy of copyrighted materials. We called pirated stuff, “copies anti-cafe”. (spilling coffee would ruin your floppy disks or tapes.)

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