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  • Dear Jeremy,

    I bought “Loose Wire” & left it on an aeroplane so I’ve had to get another one – lost my notes in the back cover of the former copy but have managed to find the most inportant (so far) bit that I wanted to know fairly quickly.

    On pages 77 & 78 you talk about synthesising contact lists. I have 3 lists in Excel, one in Outlook plus one in Xda II (linked to Outlook). I’d like to put them all into one. You talk about “Contact Networks” &, the now defunct “Syncplicity” & conclude by saying that there needs to be more work done in this area. Has more work been done,if so by whom & is it worth my trying it?

    Sorry to load you up with this but it would be a real help if you can point me in the right direction.

    Terimah kasih


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