Google Maps and Rising Sea Levels


Is Google Maps getting radical? Switch into terrain mode and you can see what the future is going to be like. The screenshot above shows the northeast tip of Singapore, much of it underwater.

This is what it looks like in Map mode:


No doubt a glitch that is soon to be fixed, but

a) I’m not quite clear what the glitch is. Old elevation data? and

b) you can’t help feeling it would be a great feature to have a “10 years’ time” button to see whether you should be thinking about selling up and moving to higher ground. Especially if you live in Changi Village.

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  1. In fact, half of Changi Airport would be in the water. Almost entire Terminal 2 would be under the sea. The entire reclaimed land east of Changi Airport that cost the government millions of dollars would be submerged by sea water again. Interesting!

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