Internet Radio in the Bedroom


I’ve lately been looking for a way to listen to Internet radio away from my computer. This looks like a good, albeit somewhat expensive, answer: the WiFi Radio from Acoustic Energy (about S$600, that’s $415ish).

The WiFi Radio connects to your router and stores more than 5,000 radio stations by country, updated each time the machine is switched on, which you can scroll though via the somewhat pokey LCD display on the top. There’s a buffering delay but once the station kicks in the sound is great. You can also use it to stream music from your computer.

It’s a classy solution to the problem. But I think there might be a simpler one, if you’ve only got a handful of stations you want to listen to, and just want a small device you can carry around the house with you. Perhaps I could even use an old PDA with WiFi built in? Where’s that Tungsten T3 I saw lying around?

wifi radio – further information : acoustic energy

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3 thoughts on “Internet Radio in the Bedroom

  1. What is the definition of Radio today?

    Isn’t WiFi using Radio signal? (which makes the term WiFi Radio seems like these Singapore brands: “DBS Bank” or “JTC Corporation”).

    DBS = Development Bank of Singapore
    JTC = Jurong Town Corporation

    Boutros Boutros-Ghali may agree. But I don’t.

  2. Try Sonos ( Completely wireless music system that connects to a PC or Mac. I’ve had one for a year and have tossed my stereo. I can tune in radio from anywhere in the world – and listen to all my music. Even better, you can have zones – listen to music in the kitchen and someone else can get news or talk radio in the office.

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