Sending Files Without the Sleaze

Until recently I’ve tended to recommend YouSendIt for folk who want to send large files to each other. But not anymore. I found myself inundated with two full-page casino pop-ups and those awful bouncing ‘alerts’ when I had to download a file just now, which doesn’t impress me. In fact I noticed that I was complaining about this to myself about a year ago, so I’m guessing this is a consistent thing.

The Independent may think it’s good, but I’m afraid I don’t. They may have 500,000 users, but I’m not going to be one of them until they get rid of the sleaze. And in the meantime I’d recommend checking out, which does the same thing, in a nicer interface, with no sleaze. I’m also going to seek comment from YouSendIt.

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  1. Haven’t seen those ads myself (targetting? :)), but I did get a 30-day upgrade to Yousendit recently, that lets me send 2GB files.

    Errm, would you like a 2GB file?

  2. You can also try palshare
    They allow you to upload complete folders and files and it also zips your files during uploading so the download process is really easy and fast. Seems to work really well.

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