The Media Paradox

Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine hits the nail on the head again when he says, not for the first time: “The successful media companies of the new age will be the ones that enable media wherever it wants to be.” But in that phrase lurks an interesting paradox: Media companies (itself shorthand for mass media) are no longer about content, and all about the medium. For the past 80 years the mass media has been about leveraging the technologies available to deliver standardized content over as large an area/population as possible. Now it’s about using the technologies available to enable as large a population as possible to swap their own content.

One thought on “The Media Paradox

  1. All The News That’s Fit To Debate

    Another debate between the blogosphere and the main stream media (MSM) seems to be surging up again. These altercations – they are usually, but not always, initiated by bloggers – centrally concern the validity of news put out by what

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