Another Way to Measure Fame

Here’s another way to measure how famous you are on the Internet: egoSurf – ego surfing without the guilt (via MicroPersuasion and Mashable):

egoSurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself.

We, the publishers of this here internet thing, need the occasional massage, the odd stroke. We aren’t paid. We aren’t recognised. Our sites hit count used to be enough, but no longer.

Enter your name and URL (or URls) and you’ll get an ‘ego point’ ranking for the number of links of your name to those URLs, as well as a cute meter (or bank of meters if you’re searching more than just Google):


This is cute, and has some nice features (like RSS feeds of your ranking) but not new. There’s Preople, who have been doing something similar for a while. Preople does a slightly different calculation, whereby they

visit a few search engines, search for your name, get the number of times your name is found online and perform a complicated calculation to extract a Preople Rank. We guard this formula with our lives because it is what makes our service, and your Preople Rank, unique. We know you are curious but don’t even ask us to disclose our formula!

Just in case you’re interested, I have a Preople ranking of 68,700, which puts me somewhere outside the top 100 (the Dalai Lama is at 99 with 6,490,000) and come out at 9161, or a couple of notches outside the fame belt, on Egosurf. For readers, I wrote something about Preople and Internet fame (subscription only, I’m afraid) a few months back.

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