Carousel Etiquette

Is it my imagination, or did people use to behave better at airport luggage carousels? I recall there being yellow lines behind which you stood politely until your luggage appeared and you lugged it off, usually with the help of some nice young man waiting nearby. That way allowed everyone else to see what was coming down the luggage conveyor, allowed everyone a bit of elbow room to retrieve their luggage and escape, and made for a jollier time all around.

Now everyone just barges in as if it were a football match, so close that they’re touching the carousel, so no one can see their luggage until it’s gone past, forcing them to shove past other passsengers as they desperately chase it around the carousel before it disappears behind those horrible plastic curtain flaps again. Whatever happened to the yellow line and people’s respect for it? Please, bring back the yellow line. And some mild electrocuting device that gives anyone who passes over it without good reason a polite but noticeable jolt.

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