What’s Going to Happen to Skype?

Interesting piece over at Techdirt about Skype: Is it a viable business and if so, as what? Techdirt:Going Rate For Skype Apparently Now $3 Billion concludes:

While it’s likely that Skype will be sold, its value isn’t as a business or a service, but as a technology

On the way the piece discusses an alleged near-deal with News Corp (no I can’t find any sourcing for it, either) and a link to Om Malik’s suspicion that the recent price cut on some calls has more to do with a lower than expected takeup of SkypeOut credits than with it being Skype’s birthday.

I love Skype, but I suppose we should steel ourselves for the possibility that it doesn’t last, at least in its present format.

(Thanks, Buzz)

  • I too love Skype. The sound quality is excellent. But trying buying Skype Out credit from Vietnam. A total pain. I assume it’s some kind of security settings thing being flagged what with a UK credit card beign used in Vietnam. But they ask for a faxed copy of ID, including signature if I remember correctly, and credit card details at which point I decided not to bother. Hopefully will have better luck when I try to buy Skype out credit in Europe. I assume you had no problems buying from Jakarta/HK?

  • Graham, yes I’ve had problems too, I try to buy up credits when I’m in a place that Skype recognises. They keep saying they’ll fix this bit but so far they haven’t…

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