TurboScout, The Search Engine Of Search Engines

I have just heard from Singaporean William Chee, now about 21, who set up TurboScout, a search engine that

that saves you time and makes your Web searches easy. With TurboScout you only enter keywords once, then getting and comparing original results from over 90 search engines across 7 categories is as simple as clicking the engine’s name. No more retyping keywords into different search engines.

Of course I’m a bit biased because I love seeing bright ideas come out of a) young folk’s heads, b) Asia, and c) Singapore. But it definitely seems like a good idea, and it works well. There’s even a Firefox extension. Check it out.

05. April 2005 by jeremy
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  1. cool site…thanks.

  2. You might also wanna check out this site too.


  3. You may also interested in GrabAll.com. It is more neat and user friendly.