More Options For Spam-Free Email

A couple of other options for email users looking to kill off spam, viruses etc. (thanks, Rob) is a free, 1 gigabyte thing with a very simple sign-up process.

Nevada-based Komodo (love the name, love the lizard) said yesterday (PDF file) its “unique email services are being tested internally starting this week”. This is a closely guarded “proprietary solution for email and the elimination of viruses and spam through a unique proprietary application”. Sadly you don’t get any more information than that.

And the name? “As a Komodo client, like the lizard of the same name, you are at the top of the food chain in an impenetrable high-security computing environment.” Ummm, sure.

11. September 2004 by jeremy
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  1. hellow Jeremy, i’ve found a free web-based email provider that have a Mailguard features..

    is this same with yours?