Nokia Sets An Example For RSS

Here’s a sign of what a company can do with RSS, winning fans, distributing information and building bridges. Technical consultant and blogger Russell Beattie points to a wonderful page by Nokia, containing all of Nokia’s documents, announcements and toolkits via a bunch of different RSS feeds.

As Russell says, “There’s sooooo much to be gleaned from Nokia’s site it’s incredible.” He points to just one document, a presentation Music, video, streaming contents services Demand in Asia Pacific which has some fascinating facts about current mobile data services world wide:

  • Approx 1 billion SMS/day globally
  • Mobile ring tones are already a USD 3-5billion business
  • UK ring tones market will overtake the CDs singlesmarket 2003
  • UK: over 780 million WAPpage impression /month in June 2003 (130% growthin 9 months)
  • Est~10 millionmobile Java downloadsglobally / month in June 2003
  • Over 75 operators have launched mobile Java services
  • Over 140 operatorshave launched MMS(Aug 2003)
  • mmo2 reportsapprox 5 MMS /monthsper active user
  • Over 20 operatorshave launched mobile video content services (MMS video, streaming)

There’s enough there for a dozen columns. But what I like is that Nokia have taken the trouble to present all this information in an accessible way. My grumble with Nokia until now is that their sites are not intuitive — unlike their cellphones — but you can’t say that anymore. I wish more companies would do this kind of thing. It’s not rocket science but it is helpful.


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