A Cheap iPod On The Way?

If you were one of the few who didn’t get an iPod in their stocking this Christmas, don’t despair: Designtechnica Articles is reporting strong rumours that Apple may launch a $100 iPod next month. While current iPod units start at $300 and are based around a 10 to 40 gigabyte hard drive, the budget priced iPods are expected be Flash Memory based — and so will not store so much. ThinkSecret, meanwhile, says the new iPods will be smaller in size, hold either 2 or 4 gigabytes of music, and come in different colours — including stripes.
If it’s true, it will be a smart move for Steve Jobs. While the iPod has been a big hit this holiday — the BBC says UK stores are having problems keeping up with demand — there is still a big market of folk who cannot afford the $300 or more for an iPod, leaving the field open for other manufacturers.


  1. I know this is an old post, but the mini ipods are out for about $250 bucks. If you factor in the cost of not having to buy a firewire card (Windows users), it even more of a savings.. Not to mention ipod mini’s great looks.

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