News: Anti Spam Site, Hoax, Or Did Someone Not Pay Their Hosting Bill?

 Is this some kind of joke my jetlagged brain doesn’t get? Trawling through my inbox of press releases (a glamour killer of a chore if ever there was one) I came across one suggesting I Do My Part in Reducing Online email Spam!  
There’s a battle raging inside your in-box, and it’s a war you can’t win alone!
Apparently a website called, run by a guy called Stephen Clinton, is out to stop spam. The problem: the website’s not reachable, so I have no idea how it works, whether it’s real, whether Stephen’s related to Bill, whatever. Please, somebody else try and let me know what it is. There have been so many initiatives to stop spam and I don’t believe any of them have a silver bullet in their belt, but I’m willing to give anything new a try. So long as it involves putting spammers in stocks and throwing tomatoes at them.