Update: A Successor to Sony Ericsson P800?

 Those of you who admired the Sony Ericsson P800 cellphone/camera/PDA but never got around to buying one, hang on until October. PMN Publications, a mobile newsletter, reports that Sony Ericsson is planning an upgraded version of the P800, featuring an enhanced digital camera, 65,000 colour screen and a slimmer form factor. It will be called either the P810 or P900.
One major European operator has scheduled availability for 1st October 2003.
I have to say that while I admired the screen and the look and feel of the software, I wasn’t a convert to the P800. Too many things seemed to go wrong, and one user I spoke to reported having to return his unit three times before he got one that didn’t crash. Other users, of course, love ’em.


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